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Roberto Velazco

CEO and founder of Soluciones Acústicas México. 

He is..

Henry Vales

Henry Vales was born an idealist with a great imagination.

He began writing about a life bigger than reality early on and worked on his craft constantly. His mother taught him how to play the piano, and then paid for a few guitar lessons.

However, it was lyric-writing that obsessed him and he began writing folk-music and traditional country.

It was the written that interested him and he could play just enough music to create his first songs.

He was there in the early years of rock´n roll which to this day is clearly felt in his music. Life would take Henry in many directions which included a short career in the Army, spending one year as an infantry First Lieutenant in Vietnam.

He was an educator and later a financial professional, becoming a successful stockbroker and surviving some rather turbulent markets.

He managed a couple of business interests and became a philanthropist, directing twointernational foundations.

After winning a contract from the U.S. State Department, he directed an international children’s project that would culminate in the unveiling of a giant mosaic adorning the outside wall of the U.S. General Consulate in Merida, Mexico.

Upon completion of this one-year project, Henry met Roberto Velazco the well-known Mexican acoustic engineer. Combining Velazco’s knowledge in the creation of world-class recording studios and Henry’s continuous affinity for the creation of commercial music composition, the idea of dedicating a recording studio solely for the use of musical production was created. HQ Studios and HQ Productions Group is the latest chapter in Vales’ creative life.